Happy New Year 2012!

So many changes began the last years and I’m curious to see what this year will bring as I’m very sure that we are in the process to build new structures concerning all areas of living these days. Lee Harris summerises the main points what’s all about in this year very precise so I recomend […]

welcome to soulmanifestation !

For more than 20 years I've engaged myself in developing and integrating my ideals, visions and ideas within the exisiting economy in various ways.

I have a very clear personal idea of economy, which in truth works in a totally different way. In my view it should centre on human beings and not so much on products – on potentials and not on fear – a broadminded perception in contrast to one of limitation.

In my role as coach and and project developer my objective is to realize these ideas with my customers and my co-workers.
So how may I help you?

pioneer culture

new economic activity

While our economy slowly crumbles, a new one originates simultaneously, finally. Maybe it needs a year, maybe 10 and maybe it still needs a few harder breakdowns in our economic system, before new ideas are accepted. It is not really important, from a meta-level. But of course I can understand well the fears of the […]